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boog's barbell club

Saturday, September 4th

Boog's Barbell Club will test your squat, bench, and deadlift. Registration fee is a monetary or supply donation. All proceeds benefit The Ark Animal Shelter in Lacon, IL.

Below is the list of shelter needs:

Canned and dry dog and cat food

Puppy and kitten milk replacement formula

Durable chew bones for dogs (e.g. Nylabones)

Scratching posts or pads for cats

Milkbones or other dog treats

Regular non-clumping cat litter

Laundry soap


Paper towels

8:00am - Check in. Lifters can begin warming up once they are checked in.

8:30am - Reading of the rules.
9:00am - First Lift of the Day.
*Every lifter must complete a registration form, liability form, and provide a donation to the shelter on the day of the event. 


Rules of the Event

Boog's Barbell Club tests your squat, bench, and deadlift.

1.) Each lifters will receive three attempts at each lift. The lifter will determine the weight amounts for each lift at check-in. Once the attempt amounts are turned in to the judge, the weight attempt amounts cannot be changed.

2.) The judge is the final call on whether or not an attempt is failed. The lifter must follow the commands for each lift. If commands are not adhered to, the lift will be marked as a fail.

3.) Squat: When the lifter's name is called, approach the rack and un-rack the bar. The judge will say, “Start,” which is your cue to squat to proper depth and complete the lift. Once the lifter locks out their legs and the rep is complete, the judge will say "Rack." This gives the lift permission to re-rack the bar.
*For the sake of this event, depth will be counted as parallel, for some lifters have mobility issues. 

4.) Bench: When the lifter's name is called, get set on the bench and un-rack the bar. The judge will say "Start," cueing the lifter to bring the bar down to their chest. Once the lifter has shown the judge the bar is at a full stop, the command "Press" will be given. This is the lifter's cue to complete the bench. After the press is complete, the "Rack" command will be given, and  the lifter re-racks the bar.

5.) Deadlift: When the lifter's name is called, they will approach the bar and perform the deadlift when they are ready. There is no time limit, so the lifter may take their time. After the lifter locks out, the judge will say "Down," which is the lifter's cue to bring the bar back to the ground. Controlling the bar to ground is required. Full drops at the top of the deadlift will be counted as a failed attempt. Lifters are allowed to use a conventional or sumo deadlift. 

6.) Permitted lifting equipment includes knee sleeves, wrist wraps, and a belt. Lifters cannot compete using knee wraps, elbow sleeves, or lifting straps.


Lift tutorials
Click on the video to view with sound.

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