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1) What is Maiden Resistance?

Maiden Resistance is a fitness studio dedicated to teaching women+ the basics of weight training. We resist the belief that women+ do not belong in the free weight section, the notion that the number on the scale defines your beauty, and the idea that being "fit" equates to looking a certain way. Maiden Resistance strives to create a environment that allows women+ to push themselves beyond the limitations they have placed on themselves while participating in a supportive community that shares the goal of becoming strong AF. 

2) What does women+ Mean?

Women+ is a term that is meant to include anyone who identifies as a woman and nonbinary people. 

3) What services does MAiden Resistance Offer?

Maiden Resistance offers personal training, small group personal training, nutrition coaching, and online programming.

4) What is an intake session and do I have to do one to join?

An Intake Session is a casual meeting that begins a formal relationship between the client and Maiden Resistance. This session  allows potential clients to ask any questions, and gain knowledge of what Maiden Resistance has to offer. Clients share vital information about their health journey thus far, such as past injury, surgery, health conditions, and other concerns. A movement assessment is done on each client in order to understand limitations and modifications that will be needed. Goals and road blocks are a topic of discussion. Understanding where a  client would like to see themselves is valuable knowledge when creating tactics that generate lifestyle change. Membership sign-up is the final part of the Intake Session. This session is required for all potential clients. 

5) What is included in my membership?

Adult memberships include five classes per week and access to an exclusive Facebook group for clients. Teen memberships include three classes per week. Both memberships include access to Open Gym hours which are 8am-12pm on Saturday mornings. 

6) What is "Open Gym"?

Remember in grade school when the school would open the gym for a few hours on the weekend and you could play in the gym freely without any structured programing? It is just like that. You can come in during open workout hours and utilize the equipment while completing a workout on your own. Open gym workout hours are included with membership.

7) Can I come to open gym if I'm not a member?

Yes! The cost is $5 per drop in, and you must have a signed liability waiver on file in order to utilize the equipment. 

8) Can I bring a guest to class?

Absolutely! Maiden Resistance offers a free trial week to those who would like to check us out!

9) IS the Studio 24 hours?

Nope. We strive to provide an educational and safe experience within our walls, therefore all activity is supervised by a certified personal trainer. 

10) Can men participate?

Negative. Sorry, bros. 
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