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nutrition coaching

Reframe your relationship with food while reaching your health and wellness goals.

What You'll Get:

Custom Nutrition Plan Catered to Goals
One on One Coaching
Three Different Ways to Measure Progress
Weekly Check-in
Unlimited Communication with Coach

How It Works:
Email us to express interest in coaching, and you will receive a nutrition coaching intake form.
After completing the nutrition coaching intake form,
your coach will customize a plan that fits your needs.
During a one on one session, your coach will go over your plan, and explain the process.
In this session, you will download an app that will be used to track your nutritional intake.
After the session, you will have unlimited communication with your coach,
in order to ask questions, and receive support through the process.
Your coach will review your nutrition log once a week in order to provide feedback
and help you strategize ways to improve your nutritional intake to align with your goals.

$65 per month for Maiden Resistance Training Clients
$80 per month for Non-Training Clients
To become a nutrition client, you must commit to three months of the program at minimum.

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