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The greatest days of your life are ahead of you. Why not feel your best when you experience them?

Wedding season will be a busy one for you. Your family wants to take new pictures this spring. This year you’ll celebrate your 50th birthday. You’re finally enjoying retirement and have booked a 3 week road trip with your best friends. This fall you’ll help your eldest grandchild move into their dorm for freshman year of college. Winter time marks 40 years that you’ve been with your partner.

As each year goes by, we experience some of the most important things of our lifetime. Milestones, anniversaries, high school reunions, family vacations, just to name a few. There is so much to celebrate and be thankful for. The start to the new year is what everyone deems as the ideal time to begin a new habit or “get in shape” for whatever they will experience in the next year. But we know how resolutions work. The first few weeks of the new year, we are rock stars. We are eating well and working out. As the weeks tick on by, we tend to fall off the wagon. Next thing you know, we have to “start over.” Why wait until the start of the new year to gain some traction on your health journey?

These milestones will come and go, no matter how you feel. They will pass no matter if you’ve taken charge of your health or not. We will mark the days off the calendar and chat about “how fast the year is going.” Time will pass. Without putting a plan into action, we will be in the same place we started.

By starting to prepare for the best days of your life now, you’ll never be behind the ball. You’ll see these events on the calendar and feel proud that you will feel amazing when you get there. The journey to taking control of your health is not linear, by any means. There will be some really good weeks, and other weeks will be awful. The “all or nothing” mindset has never been a solid advocate for change. If you fall off track, it isn’t over. It’s just a bump in the road. No biggie. You don’t have to throw in the towel because you’ve missed a day, a week, or even a month. Going into your health journey understanding that it will be very hard work is the best thing you could do for yourself. If working toward your best self was easy, everyone would do it. There isn’t a quick fix solution. It takes an education, true grit, and some help along the way. At Maiden Resistance, there is a community that cares about you. The women that walk through that door are supported. They will cheer you on and help you when you struggle. Think about celebrating those milestone moments while feeling your absolute best. There is a sense of joy that radiates off of you when you see your daughter walk down the aisle. You feel beautiful in the sun dress you brought along to wear to dinner on your last night of vacation. There is a sense of comfort in knowing that you will be around to watch your grandchildren grow.

Let the memories you cherish be rooted in the feelings you had in those moments.

To you, my Maiden Friend!

- Coach CoJo

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