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Have you ever heard of the 8 pillars of wellness? If yes, I’m proud of you. If not, I’m still proud of you and also happy that I get this opportunity to educate you. Below is a list of the eight pillars of wellness.

They are listed in alphabetical order, and not by importance.

  1. Emotional

  2. Environmental (Refers to immediate environment such as home or work space, but also refers to larger environment, such as your community).

  3. Financial

  4. Intellectual

  5. Occupational

  6. Physical

  7. Spiritual

  8. Social

These eight pillars are what makes up your wellness and health as a whole. If you are doing very well in all eight of these categories, you are, most likely, very satisfied with your life. For most of us, there are one or two areas that we really lack. In order to fill the gap between the pillars and make our lives well rounded in wellness, we need to gather resources. It is important to gather resources in all areas of wellness as each category will ebb and flow with the season of life we are in. Some seasons we will prosper with occupational and financial fulfillment and others we will really be thriving in the area of physical health. Streator has many resources that can be used to fulfill any pillar of wellness you may need a little extra help with. Below, I break down each pillar and name three organizations/places you can reach out to, in order to get a little help in those areas.

*For those of you who are not in the Streator area, stay tuned! I am also putting together a list of resources you can access from anywhere.

**Click on the business or organization’s name to be taken to their website.


  • Two Rivers Outreach

    • Treatment is developed by looking at the whole person, rather than just the problem. Staff conduct an intake session to understand what each individual is going through, and then create a treatment plan best for them.

    • Offers Alcohol and Drug Outpatient Counseling, Risk Education, Early Intervention, and Rehabilitation Groups

    • Located in the Streator Incubator at 401 W. Bridge St.

    • Contact: 815-220-0299 or

  • Safe Journeys

    • Provides a safe atmosphere where survivors of domestic and sexual violence can find support, resources, and strength as they journey toward healing and thriving in LaSalle and Livingston counties. Safe Journeys provides support to survivors regardless of their gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, immigration status, abilities, age, or background.

    • Offers 24/7 Support Hotline, Safe Shelter, Court Advocacy, Supportive Counseling, Case Management and Education Programs

    • 24 Hour Support Line: 815-673-1555 or 800-892-3375

    • Located in Streator

    • Contact: 815-672-2353

  • North Central Behavioral Health Systems

    • Helps children, adults, and families reach their full potential by offering a wide range of mental health and substance use education, counseling, and many other types of specialty behavioral health services

    • Offers Counseling, Specialized Intensive and Rehabilitation, Online Counseling, Workplace Services, Mental Health First Aid, Intensive Outpatient Programs, Health Promotions and Prevention Programs

    • Located at 111 Spring St., Streator, IL

    • Contact: 815-434-4727


  • Rejennerated Consignment Boutique

    • Consignment shop that lessens the carbon footprint by offering pre-loved items to new owners.

    • Offers name brand pre-loved clothing and accessories so their existence can be renewed. If you become a consignor, you can make a little extra cash off your pre-loved items.

    • Located on the 2nd floor of Main Street Market at 317 E. Main St. Streator, IL

    • Contact on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok

  • Electronic Junkyard

    • Save yourself a buck by getting your electronics repaired instead of buying new

    • Offers repair services for cell phones, computers, and TVs. Give life back to your electronics instead of having to buy new! Your items will work like a charm after the team at Electronic Junkyard repairs them.

    • Located at 1801 N. Bloomington St. Streator, IL

    • Contact: 815-992-7377

  • Parks and Places to Visit

    • Weber House and Gardens

      • English Garden and Storybook Home Open for Tours

      • Located at 1503 North Baker Street

      • Contact: 815-672-8327

    • City Park

    • Hop-a-Long Cassidy Trail and Vermilion River Greenway

    • Marilla Park

    • Spring Lake Park


  • Katie Swanson, Accountant

    • Serving any and all that need tax help and advice at an affordable rate. Katie will cater to what you need when it comes to tax preparation. She can manage every step of the process, or teach you the basics.

    • Offers tax preparation services for individuals, couples, small business owners, non-profit boards, and larger businesses.

    • Located at 1004 E. Bridge St. in Streator

    • Contact: 815-672-5083

  • Thrivent Financial

    • Office of two financial associates who want the best for your future. They will guide you toward products that will make a difference in your life.

    • Offers guidance on investments, insurance, banking, and retirement. Thrivent guides clients based on their financial goals and aids in planning for the life you’d like to live.

    • Located at: 207 E. Hickory St. Streator, Il

    • Contact: 815-672-7273

  • SOCU

    • Streator Onized Credit Union locations are full-service financial institutions that provide many services to their customers. They are a community based not for profit who strives to support other organizations through volunteer work and donations.

    • Offers loans for automobiles, real estate, home equity, recreational, personal loans, and VISA cards. A variety of savings products are offered, including checking accounts, share certificates, IRA’s, Money Markets, Christmas, Vacation and Youth Savers clubs. In addition, the credit union has a 24-hour audio response line, 24-hour online loan service, VISA check card, Direct Deposit, Online Account Access, e-Statements, and Online Bill Pay.

    • Multiple Locations

    • Contact: 815-673-5577


  • Engle Lane Theatre

    • Named after Constance Engle, this theatre has been delivering dramatic performances to the Streator community since 1960. With a volunteer board and some generous donors, Engle Lane is able to provide a creative outlet for patrons, and offer pieces that stretch individuals intellectually.

    • Located: 1012 Columbus Road in Streator

    • Contact: 815-672-3584

  • Maria’s Craft Corner

    • Art School that offers sewing, painting and crafting classes for all ages. Offers crafter hours where you can bring your own projects in to work on them.

    • Located at 701 S. Sterling St. in Streator

    • Contact:

  • Streator Public Library

    • Provides material and information to help all community residents fulfill their personal and educational needs. Residents of all ages have the means to fulfill their appetites for recreational reading interests, to support formal educational needs, to support job searching needs, to provide lifelong learning, to obtain consumer information and explore their personal heritage.

    • Located at 130 S. Park St. in Streator

    • Contact: 815-672-2729


  • Small Business Development Center - Starved Rock Alliance

    • SBDC is a lifeline for small business owners and those who want to start their own business. They have a team of professionals who help entrepreneurs gain direction and take tangible steps towards their dream.

    • Offers one on one management consultations, training workshops, market research, loan packaging help, assistance with financial projections and information needed to make informed business decisions.

    • Multiple Locations. Located at the Streator Incubator and in office on Wednesdays.

    • Contact: or 844-369-8898

  • Streator Young Professional Group

    • Provides young professionals in the Streator Area with mentorship, education, information sharing, and networking to facilitate an environment that produces strong young executives that contribute to the success of the community of Streator.

    • Open to those who are 39 and younger.

    • $25 annual fee to join

    • Link to Membership Application

  • The Reserves Network

    • Provide companies a chance to hire quality candidates in capacities such as temporary employment, temp to hires, or directing hiring.

    • Offers staffing solutions, managed staffing programs, and recruitment efforts. Solves the issues of staffing on a as needed basis by companies.

    • Located at 113 E. Main St. Streator

    • Contact: or 815-672-2020


  • Maiden Resistance

    • Equipping women+ with weight training knowledge based on the belief that the weight you lift holds more value than the weight on the scale.

    • Offers group classes in strength training and high intensity interval training. Personal Training available upon request. Adult and teen membership available.

    • Located in the Streator Incubator at 401 W. Bridge St.

    • Contact: or 815-324-2557

  • Wok with Tak

    • Cooking classes focused on integrating vegetable consumption into everyday dishes based around stir frying techniques

    • Offers Basic Wok Classes, Introductory to FAST Cooking System, and more advanced classes such as Flavor Chasing and Template Based Cooking

    • Located in the Streator Incubator at 401 W. Bridge St.

    • Connect on Facebook or Youtube

  • Live Well Streator

    • Initiative by OSF Health striving for a healthier Streator by 2025. Live Well Streator hopes to have 45% of the population at a healthy weight, increase the percentage of individuals consuming an adequate amount of vegetables, and reduce opioid usage and overdoses.

    • Offers resources that provide guidance on how individuals can accomplish each goal. Has a network of providers, businesses, and organizations striving for a healthier community.

    • COMING SOON: The Live Well Logo will be next to healthy options on menus at local restaurants.

    • To learn more contact Ellen at or call 815-673-4528


  • Balance Spirit Wellness Center

    • Offers Reiki, massage, Himalayan salt room, float tank, Yoga, infrared sauna, facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, eyelash tint and lift, eyebrow tint, waxing, and a large selection of unique gift items and CBD products.

    • Located at 419 E. Main St. in Streator

    • Contact: 815-672-6600

  • Breathe Healing Yoga Studio

    • Offers yoga, reiki, meditation, EFT, crystals, and healing.

    • Located at 104 E. Main St. in Streator

    • Contact: or 815-674-9249

  • Multiple Places of Worship


  • Jackpots

    • A classy gaming parlor offering a comfortable environment with plenty of space and privacy. Enjoy live music while you choose a dish from their menu, and sip on a cocktail. Indoor and patio seating are available.

    • Located at 110 E. Hickory St. in Streator

    • Contact: or 815-510-9899

Final Thoughts

While compiling this list, I’ve learned a lot about our community. We have so many businesses that are hidden gems. They offer life changing resources, excellent services, or even just a good time. It is nice to know that our small community can take care of any need you may have. Of course, I didn’t list all of the businesses that pertain to these pillars, but I feel like this list encompasses what our town has to offer. You can find anything you need in our small town, and I think that is really cool.

To you, my Maiden Friend!

- Coach CoJo

Maiden Resistance is focused on equipping women+ with weight training knowledge designed by the belief that the weight you lift holds more value than the weight on the scale. We specialize in fitness for women. We strive to create an environment that is comfortable and safe for all women+ to experience fitness. Our services include strength training, interval training, and nutrition coaching. Courtney Jonsson, the owner and founder, is a

NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach.

If you are interested in becoming a Maiden please email us at or visit to schedule an intake session

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