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Meet Your Guide - @coach.cojo

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

For all the womxn who need a place to feel comfortable lifting. For all of the womxn who feel they need guidance in the free weight section. For all of the womxn who need a sense of accountability and support. For all of the womxn who aren't sure where to start. . This one is for you. . I'm Courtney Jonsson, aka Coach CoJo, and I received my NASM certification in July 2020, with the hopes of starting an all womxn fitness studio in my rural Illinois town. I have looked far and wide for a place that train womxn to use weight training as their primary form of exercising. Truth is, I can't find least not around here. This is a huge gap that I see in the fitness industry. Strength training is a vital part of exercise and it can lead your body to places hours on the treadmill can't. This need has to be met, and I'm here to do that.

After asking womxn about their feelings on weight lifting and what keeps them from the gym, most said they aren't sure where to start. They are worried they are doing the exercises wrong, that people are judging them, and they are uncomfortable being in the weight section of the gym. Another barrier is their current weight. I have found that womxn are, generally, uncomfortable with their weight, so they avoid the gym, because they don't want to be looked at. All of the above reasons. That's the point of Maiden Resistance.

We resist:

1) The belief that women do not belong in the free weight section. 2) The notion that the number on the scale defines your beauty. 3) The idea that being "fit" equates to looking a certain way. We encourage: 1) Pushing yourself beyond the limitations you have placed on your own personal strength. 2) Participating in a supportive community that helps hold you accountable while achieving your goals. 3) GETTING STRONG AS FUCK Welcome to the community that values the weight you lift more than the weight on the scale. This is going to be a wild ride. To you, my maiden friends! - Coach CoJo

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